Analysis of Election Results

There are naturally going to be numerous articles today about the results of the US election for President, so you probably don’t want to read mine. Nevertheless,  for my own catharsis, I’m going to share some opinions about the reasons and implications.

First, I have to give the election prognostication award to my son, Barry who has been saying for the last 9 months that the race for President was going to be very close with the edge going to Obama.  Even with an overbearing father, he stood his ground and told me what his polling analysis presented him.

Second, I am very concerned about the implications of the having Obama as President for another four years.  Obama’s viewpoints on life are diametrically opposed to mine (recall that I refer to him as the “Manchurian Marxist Moslem”)  and I am very concerned about the impact on Israel and the US economy.

Third, I’ll have to admit that I am perplexed by the results.  I had taken four main inputs into consideration for predicting a Romney victory:

1) Obamacare – It appeared that a majority of the population wanted to repeal this move to socialized medicine.

2) Local Analysis – The informal polling of people that I know who voted for Obama in 2008 showed at least 20% making a switch.

3) First Term Results – The results from the 2010 election as well as the poor performance on the economy indicated people wanted to make a change.

4) New Enemies – It appeared that Obama had made enemies among many groups;  e.g.,  the coal miners in West Virginia and Catholics across the country.

Obviously, my analysis was incorrect…  The implications of the national election results are far reaching. There are now a majority of citizens in our country that believe you can turn lead into gold.  With Obama at the helm, the US is moving inextricably toward a social democracy in the mold of the European nations (you can see how well things are going in Greece and Spain).  The challenge facing the country is even greater than 2008.  There is going to be less money to borrow to sprinkle around to the various constituencies, so Obama is going to have to make some hard decisions.

As this point, it’s really hard to predict if the US will ever be the same.

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