Any Evolution in Leftist Ideology?

An interesting commentary from Richard Fernandez

The Left is often proven wrong, but for so long as those defeats were cushioned by wealth and security they were of an intellectual character that could be dismissed as a glitch. For example when Paul Erlich, the celebrity prophet of overpopulation and resource scarcity lost his bet that the world would start running out of resources by 1990, his supporters could still argue that the liberal argument only needed some tweaking to be right.  One could point to Venezuela as proof of the failure of socialism.  But Venezuela was far away and surely Bernie would do better than old Hugo…

The vast quantities of political capital and money wagered on multiculturalism, the benign nature of radical Islam, and the power of the state to provide physical security were irreplaceable.  In one night [After the massacre in Orlando] they had a vision of those foundations turning to sand and it has spooked them.


Source: Rainbow’s End

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