Arabs and Jews Should Cleanly Separate

The newest addition to the Israeli Cabinet, Avigdor Lieberman, on Sunday called for a near-total separation of Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land, saying Israel should follow the example of the divided island of Cyprus.

“The source of the conflict here is not territory, it is not occupation, it is not settlers. It is a clash between two people and two religions. Anywhere in the world where there are two peoples and two religions, whether it’s the former Yugoslavia or the Caucasus region in Russia or in Northern Ireland, there is conflict,” Lieberman said. “What we have seen in Cyprus is that since they have that model, there is no terror. There is security. There is no peace but there is security.”

Of course, the Israeli leftists claim that this is terrible racism… “The opinions he expressed are not the government’s position and Lieberman knows that I am for complete equal rights for the Arab citizens of Israel,” Olmert said in the Cabinet meeting.

Meanwhile, an Israeli Arab women is charged in a bomb plot

Lieberman appears to make sense to me… Do you think he makes a good case?

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