Are Government Pensions Forever?

An interesting analysis of the impact of public sector unions:

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said in the 1930s that allowing government workers to unionize would be a bad idea. That it would institutionalize their influence over elections and public policy.  That FDR was right is shown by the fact that four of the six biggest campaign contributors to national campaigns are now public sector unions…

In Illinois and California, the highest paid public workers get bonuses that are more than their official salary. In Illinois the highest pensions are over $500,000 a year. In California, $800,000. Over 40 public servants in California earn from one to $2.4 million a year, most of it in bonuses…

There are 19.5 million persons in public pension systems of the US; in California one of every three persons over age 50 now freeloads on a public pension. And while Federal law limits Social Security pensions to $32,000, the highest public pension in CA is $871,000. No laws limit public pensions.

Source: Public Sector Unions Re-establish Involuntary Servitude

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