Aruba Vacation

We just returned from an outstanding five-day family vacation to Aruba. As usual, Missy did a great job arranging a first-class winter vacation for the four of us. She was able to use our Delta frequent flyer miles to get us First Class round-trip out of Dayton. In addition, she used my Marriott membership to get us an Oceanside suite at the Marriott Resort and Casino, complete with a large-screen HDTV.

We took one day to do a multi-site snorkeling trip on a catamaran (Click on the thumbnail below with Len and Bear before boarding the boat). We snorkeled above a ship wreck from the 1940s as well as a couple of other scenic spots around the 19 mile long island. Naturally, with the weather always in the mid-80s, we spent a large share of time hanging out on the lounge chairs near the ocean (click the thumbnail with Missy and the boys below).


Similar to many of the islands in the Caribbean, Aruba has many “domesticated” iguanas that hang around the pools waiting to get fed. As shown in the thumbnail of Leonard, one of the lizards liked to hang around the tennis court waiting for the tennis balls to go rolling his way. Another thumbnail captures some actions on the motorized equipment… we also took the time to rent a “wave runner” trying our luck at jumping the waves around the Aruba beaches.

As we left, Leonard was already planning his return to Aruba for his honeymoon (in about 10 years or so…)


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