Bad Stuff Happening in the Middle East

An excerpt from Mark Steyn about the policies of the Manchurian Marxist Moslem:

You’ll notice that the dominoes are getting bigger. The Arab Spring was a sappy delusion in which sentimentalist pap about the “Facebook Revolution” ran up against the hard, cruel reality of the only viable alternatives to the dictators. In Benghazi, the powder-puff illusions were blown apart, but realpolitik cynics could conclude it’s not an important town, or even an important country, so what’s the big deal? In Syria, we strengthened Russia, Iran and the jihad, but it’s mostly Assad’s hapless citizens who are on the receiving end, so who cares? Between Aleppo and Tikrit, ISIS redrew the map of the Anglo-French Middle East for the first time since 1922 and created a hardcore jihad state, but hey, we can probably blame that on Bush and Cheney, right?

And so the consequences of a shrunken America metastasize – from jihadist gangs in Benghazi to chemical gas attacks in Syria to the world’s wealthiest jihad state in western Iraq to nuclear ayatollahs, the biggest domino of all. Any US-Iranian deal will be like that Bergdahl/Taliban one. The purpose of “cooperation” for the mullahs would be to provide cover for getting them into Iraq, while the purpose of “cooperation” for the Obama Administration would be to provide cover for staying out. So Iranians would be on the ground in the Shia south while a few drones and whatnot would bomb the Sunni Triangle. The bombing raids would end, but the Iranians would remain. And a nuclear Iran would be born not as a global pariah but within the context of a Washington-Teheran rapprochement.

via Leaving From Behind :: SteynOnline.

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