Benghazigate – Death, Lies, and Cover-up

You may have heard about this city in Libya where four Americans were murdered by Moslem terrorists…  there is an interesting interview with Donald Rumsfeld on this very topic as well as analysis from Victor Davis Hanson.

Let me provide the simple explanation of what appears to have happened:

During this election campaign, the Obama administration has been peddling the notion that Obama is a fantastic foreign policy president because “he killed” Bin Laden and squashed Islamic terrorism…  The reality is that Islamic terrorists are alive and well in multiple parts of the world, with many of them conspiring to kill Americans…  Meanwhile, as the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya was being overrun by terrorists, the Obama administration elected to not provide assistance to the Americans stationed at that embassy, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans…  Furthermore, to avoid any harm to his campaign and his credentials as a “foreign policy genius”, Obama and company elected to cover-up these murders by exclaiming that it was a spontaneous crowd of protesters that killed the American Ambassador to Libya due to a YouTube video about Mohammad…  Meanwhile, the finger pointing in the Obama administration continues and additional damning information about what really happened is revealed almost daily.

Kind of makes Watergate look like child’s play by comparison…

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