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Some pertinent comics from Mallard:


May 1, 2022

If you aren’t aware, the Leftist cabal running our country (i.e., Obama — the Manchurian, Malevolent, Marxist, Moslem) has decided that it’s time to create a Federal Agency to dictate what we should consider to be reality.

This effort at creating a “Ministry of Truth” is so contrary to our founding principles and Constitution that it is just one step short of of explicitly attempting to establish Communism as the political basis of the United States.  This is really getting out of hand…

A great pertinent commentary from James Howard Kunstler:

What a concept! Free speech is free speech. It has bowled over the — what? — maybe twenty-three percent of the country that considers free speech “a threat to democracy.” This is what comes of inverting and subverting language itself for the purpose of mind-raping the nation like Jeffrey Epstein on a 15-year-old. The Left has exercised a Macumba voodoo death grip on free speech for years now. The deeper the Left’s crimes against the constitution and common decency, the harder they strangled the flow of news, information, and opinion until the mental life of the USA turned into a gibber of shamefully obvious unreality.

While reading this commentary from American Thinker, I agreed with everything except for one important fact:

Mr. Biden has put himself on the same side as Stalin, Hitler, Castro, and Mao.  This is not an overstatement.  Communist China is pleased with Biden.  All of these dictators had in some way their own Ministry of Truth that did not allow the citizens to think and speak for themselves.  Biden and this Progressive regime will now make it illegal, and thus punishable by fees, forfeiture,  and prison time, to think and believe and say as Americans wish.

It’s not Biden.  It’s Obama.  The hardcore Marxist is really enjoying this stealthy third term as President.  He loves having the dementia-bound puppet president taking the heat and the hatred while he drives our country to serfdom.  It’s all part of his Cloward-Piven master plan for Communism.

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