Black is In

Larry King commented on Barack Obama: “Black is in…my eight-year-old son wishes he was black.”  (by the way, what is an old codger like Larry doing with an 8 year-old son?)  What do you think this ‘black is in’ means?

I think this statement nicely summarizes the state of affirmative action in our country.  Even an 8 year-old recognizes the advantage of ‘being black’.  Perhaps this will help highlight the absurdity of these informal quota expectations as the Democrats move us further away from meritocracy.

During the last 20 years, have blacks really been held back?  What about Michael Jordan at the top of sports, Condi Rice as Secretary of State, Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, Richard Parsons as CEO of Time Warner.   Am I missing something here? Is this all just a false Nirvana about O’bama (after all, he really was raised as a BASP – Black Anglo Saxon Protestant).

I find it odd to be watching an NBA basketball game on television, where 8 of the 10 players on the floor are black, and to hear the announcers complain that there aren’t enough black coaches in the NBA.   You’re probably thinking ‘why aren’t there more white players?’  My question is ‘why aren’t there more Asian coaches’?

If you’ve ever used the Google news page, you’ve seen how they attempt to summarize the news.  I’ve been overwhelmed the past few weeks about the coronation of O’bama and how the Jews are causing problems in Gaza.   I’ve distilled all the editorials and attempts at ‘impartial’ news for my sons:

Black is in; Jew is out (as usual)

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