Blue Jackets are Already Tearing Me Up

I watched the Blue Jackets lose in the shoot-out tonight (in a game they should have won)… FSN-Ohio showed some interesting stats during the shoot-out — the shoot-out goal success rate for each player (goals scored divided by the quantity of shoot-out attempts). It was interesting to see that the Dallas players selected for the shoot-out were 50% or higher.  Meanwhile the Columbus star, Rick Nash, had a 30% success rate on shoot-out opportunities.

Nash was the third shooter to come up for Columbus with the Jackets down 1-0 in the shoot-out. The Columbus fans stood in great anticipation (they assumed the perfect man for the job was next to shoot)… Nash picked up the puck at center ice, he skated in hard on the Dallas goalie, and he proceeded to take a routine shot into the goalie’s pads… The stats were right.

I suppose we should be happy the Jackets picked up 1 point in the standings…


  1. It is the same old stuff… They cannot win on the road and fail to get points at home that should be in the bag.

  2. I saw that game tying goal about 4 seconds before it happened and was screaming for the D-man to go behind the net and pursue him… Not stand in front of Freddy, screen him and allow a free pass out to the slot for an easy goal. If you saw Norrena interviewed after the game you could tell he was pissed. He is a soft-spoken guy but one of the toughest and most intense competitors in the game… His eyes were on the floor and he could barely look at the camera. He did not want to knock the team but his body language exhibited his frustration.

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