Blue Jackets Sign Peca

According to an article in ESPN, Michael Peca has signed a contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Evidently, he got tired of waiting around for the New York Rangers to make a deal so he signed with the Columbus NHL franchise. 

My fellow hockey fan, Scott Morris noted, “He’s definitely needed up the middle at the center position especially when last week, on short notice, Alexander Svitov pissed on his contract with the Jackets and decided to play in Russia.  Peca is a feisty, defensive-minded center (which they need) that is a face off wizard and a great penalty killer.  They still might not have their #1 center but they should be stronger up the middle… He’s been to the Cup finals and lost twice – the first time was when he played for Buffalo and lost to Hitchcock’s Stars; the second time was just over a year ago when he helped the 8th place Oilers almost defeat Carolina.”

Pilly provides better hockey insight than any analyst at ESPN…

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