Busy Time of Year for Sports

October is the busiest time of year for sports, with many of the seasons underway simultaneously… high school football, NCAA football, NFL football, NHL hockey, NBA basketball, NCAA basketball, MLB baseball playoffs.  We have tickets for a few games in just about every sport — tickets for the NHL Blue Jackets, NCAAF Ohio State Buckeyes, NCAAB Dayton Flyers, NCAAB Wright State Raiders, ECHL Dayton Bombers, NBA Indianapolis Pacers, etc.

I have a couple of observations after years of watching these sports (By the way, I’ve even attended NHL, NBA, and NFL games in multiple cities across the country).  First, the price of tickets has really gotten crazy. For example, tickets for the “lower bowl” of the Blue Jackets games are almost $90 per game.  It often appears that it is corporations that are buying these tickets for their employees.  Second, unless you’re willing to pay the higher price for good seats, it’s really not worthwhile to attend a game in person.  For example, we had tickets to a Pacers game last year and we were sitting so high in the upper arena that I found myself watching the jumbo screen rather than straining to see the live action.

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