California is a Beautiful But Crazy State

California is a beautiful State with gorgeous mountains, coastlines, and weather.  Unfortunately, the State is dominated by lunatic politicians (if you don’t believe me, ask the nearly 200,000 people that moved out of California in 2020).

Let’s see if we have this all together now — The leftists in California provide narcotics for their homeless residents; they demand that math educators teach social justice; they want to to dramatically reduce the staffing of police departments; they impose restrictive gun control laws on honorable citizens; they don’t prosecute thefts of anything less than $1,000; they provided an early release of 63,000 inmates from prison… and the latest is they plan to reduce sentences for criminals using a gun in a crime:

A California state assembly committee gave its stamp of approval on April 27 to legislation that would significantly soften sentences for people convicted of some firearm offenses, with proponents saying laws against using guns in the commission of crimes disproportionately affect people of color.

It kind of makes you wonder — If the rationale for changing laws is “crimes disproportionately affect people of color”, does that mean that California is also going to changes its laws for assault, murder, robbery, etc.?


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