Can a Blind, Black Politician Get Away with Murder?

I don’t know if you’ve been tracking the political travails in the State of New York, where Governor Spitzer was pushed out of office for his sanctimony followed by his hypocrisy.  He has been replaced by the former Lieutenant Governor, David Paterson.  It just so happens that Paterson is a blind, black man who like to confess all of his indiscretions.  Upon taking the oath of office, he immediately shared with the public that he had a lengthy extramarital affair.  I noticed in today’s issue of the New York Observer that Paterson now admits to cocaine use.

Perhaps his motivations are honorable.  However, it almost appears as if he is telling everyone: “I’m a black guy without eyesight who is the first minority Governor of New York.  I dare you to roll me out of office for these indiscretions.”

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