Canadian Town Bans Stoning of Women

You probably read the title of this posting and thought, “In the 21st century, why would a town have to ban assault & battery”?  You may not be aware that it is customary for Moslems to control women using techniques popular a thousand years ago.  Thus, progressive Canadian communities have decided that it’s necessary to establish societal expectations. According to the Globe & Mail:

The town council of Hérouxville, a sleepy community dominated by a towering Roman Catholic Church, has adopted a declaration of “norms” that it says would-be immigrants should be aware of before they settle here.

Among them, it is forbidden to stone women or burn them with acid. Children cannot carry weapons to school. That includes ceremonial religious daggers such as kirpans even though the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Sikhs can carry kirpans in schools.

Hat tip to the Man of the North, Michael Shaffer.

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