The UN and the US

Listed below are the actual voting records of various Arabic/Islamic States, which are are documented at both the US State Department and the United Nations: Kuwait votes against the United States 67% of the time. Qatar votes against the United States

How to Reduce the Cost of Health Care

I’ve written previously that one of the core problems with the cost of health care is OPM (“other people’s money”).  As long as a third party is covering all of the costs (whether it’s private insurance or government), the consumer

Contemporary Rock Band

You can catch a new Dayton-area Classic, Contemporary, and Original Acoustic rock band called “The Deceptive Play” at the Signature Coffee House on March 13th. They play a combination of violins, guitars, and harmonicas… Check ’em out.

Modern Military Aircraft

This is a photo of the Global Hawk UAV that returned from the war zone recently under its own power from Iraq to California. Notice the mission paintings on the fuselage… It’s actually over 250 missions (And I would suppose

Tenure can be Deadly

Who knew that not receiving the coveted “tenure” at a university could lead to a shooting rampage?  Evidently, Amy Bishop,  a professor of Biology, shot three of her colleagues at the University of Alabama at Huntsville (sounds like she didn’t like the