Catching or Slaying the Bear

The Washington Examiner asks about the Obama team, “How could such smart people do so many stupid things?” Here is an excerpt: The same people who directed the campaign that defeated Hillary Clinton and routed John McCain, a campaign that raised

Do Passenger Trains Make Sense for Ohio?

Evidently, Ohio has been “awarded” $400 million from the Federal Government to build passenger train service that covers Cincinnati-Dayton-Columbus-Cleveland.  As expected, the local media in Dayton is strongly in favor of the spending and urges its readers to ignore the

Our Economic Challenges

While I don’t typically look to George Will for lessons on economics, he has a recent editorial that does a nice job explaining the challenges that the O’bama administration has placed on our country.  A few excerpts: Today, Americans are

A Rough Economy

When Rush Limbaugh came out early in 2009 and said that “he hopes Obama fails…”, I thought to myself that I also can’t see the Manchurian Marxist Moslem succeeding, but I don’t want to live in economic misery for the next 4

The Difference in 100 Years

This will boggle your mind, I know it did mine! The year is 1909… One hundred years ago. What a difference a century makes.    Here are some statistics for the Year 1909 ***************************** The average life expectancy was 47 years.

Funny Quotes about Food

More humor from StrangeCosmos: 1. A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch. 2. Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me. 3. Tell me what you

Some Little-Known Facts

Things you may not have known, from List Universe: 1. Adolf Hitler’s nephew, William Hitler, immigrated to the United States in 1939 and fought in the war against Germany. 2. Albert Einstein was offered the role of Israel’s second President