A Modern Parable

A Japanese company (Toyota) and an American company (Ford) decided to have a canoe race on the Missouri River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the race. On the big day, the Japanese won

Reducing the Cost of College Education

For those of you that regularly read my blog, you’re probably aware of my consternation with the cost/value of a college education.  You can read previous postings here and here…   An interesting article in Washington Monthly provides additional insights into

Blind Airline Pilots

On a busy Friday afternoon, while the passengers are patiently waiting for their flight to begin, two men dressed in Pilots’ uniforms walk up the aisle. Both are wearing dark glasses, one is using a guide dog, and the other

Is the Electrician Going to Show?

You’ve probably had experiences similar to many Americans when it comes to dealing with tradespeople.  When I say “tradespeople”, I’m talking about the friendly neighborhood electrician, plumber, mason, carpenter, etc.  My experience is that these people are all independently wealthy

Yahoo Going Down the Tubes?

Update – It looks like I called this one right.   According to an article in TechCrunch, Jerry Yang stepped down as CEO of Yahoo… The wheels are in motion. Nov 7 – A couple of interesting articles about Yahoo today in Bloomberg