Yahoo Going Down the Tubes?

Update – It looks like I called this one right.   According to an article in TechCrunch, Jerry Yang stepped down as CEO of Yahoo… The wheels are in motion.

Nov 7 – A couple of interesting articles about Yahoo today in Bloomberg and the Guardian   … Both articles tell a story of how Yahoo founder/CEO (Jerry Yang) didn’t want to sell the company to Microsoft for $47 billion just 6 months ago, and now the company is only worth $17 billion.  In addition, Microsoft (CEO Ballmer) is sticking it to Jerry by telling him they’re not interested… this spurning will further push down Yahoo stock price, and the Yahoo board of directors will have to get rid of Jerry and get a new CEO to negotiate with Microsoft before Yahoo totally goes down the crapper.

Of course, you may recall my recommendations back in June 2008 to start dumping your Yahoo stock…

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