Economic Challenges in Ohio

I wonder how my friends over at the Dayton Development Coalition respond to this editorial in the Wall Street Journal, which compares the economic development in Ohio versus that in Texas.  It’s a fairly strong indictment against the failed policies of

The Value of a Committee

A committee is a group that keeps the minutes and loses hours. – Milton Berle A committee takes hours to put into minutes what can be done in seconds. – Judy Castrina A committee is a group of people who

More Arizona

Just back from another week in Arizona with Mark Kelly…  That’s me next to the stage coach in Trail Dust Town, and that’s Sparky looking like a prospector in the photo at the bottom.

Is China the Future Savior or Enemy?

You probably realize that many American companies are wagering their future growth on emerging prosperity in China.  Multi-national corporations such as General Electric, Honeywell, etc. are working deals with Chinese companies that entail “foreign offsets” to gain a foothold in

Most Overrated Careers

An interesting story in US News & World Report about the most overrated vocations.  A quick excerpt: Advertising executive Architect Attorney Chef Chiropractor Clinical psychologist Medical scientist Nonprofit manager Physician Police officer Real estate agent Small-business owner