Microsoft Flops

Everyone thinks of Microsoft as a company built on perfection… a recent article in ExtremeTech describes Microsoft’s Top 10 Flops: 1. Microsoft BOB: A product Microsoft released in 1995, was set to be the next-generation interface for Windows 3.1.  It

Israel & Technology

How hot is technology investment in Israel?  The tiny Middle Eastern country, with a population smaller than Manhattan’s, has become a global player in innovation, thanks to its thriving venture capital scene and many home-grown start-ups. There are now 75 Israeli

The Future of Cell Phones

There is a recent article in Reg-Hardware that describes future designs for cell phones. Interestingly enough, most of these overlook the most significant aspect, which is the ability for your future communication device to support multiple telecommunication channels.  For example,

Evolution of IT Capabilities

Chris Lininger and I had a discussion today about the slow evolution of information technology that truly empowers the business end user.  We talked about all of the failed promises over the past 25 years including 4GL (4th Generation Languages),

Kevlar Tires?

As an automotive enthusiast, I’ve always used low profile performance tires on my sport automobiles.  The most recent tires I’ve purchased are Pirelli P Zero Neros all-season, Z-rated tires hanging on 18×10″ Rondell wheels.  This is nearly the ultimate package for

Interesting Math Thoughts

I was researching mathematical differentiation and calculus over the weekend, and I came across a couple of interesting sites associated with common mathematical concepts: Infinity – the strange properties of this unwriteable ‘number’. Calculating the Value of Pi – a formula, with

Are Software Vendors Trustworthy?

In an interesting article in the Sterling-Hoffman newsletter, Olin Thompson indicates that US corporations have changed their methods in buying software technology: “Buyers are skeptical of technology investments.  Buyers remember late 90’s and early 2000’s when they heard a roar

Technology, Marketplaces, & Wealth

I’ve been looking for a decent treatise for my sons, which explains the interrelationships of technology, marketplaces, and wealth.  I recently found a book by Andy Kessler called, “How We Got Here”, that does an admirable job providing a pragmatic

MythBusters & Robots

For those of you that enjoy MythBusters on cable television, there is an article in Robot magazine, which describes their recent experience using Radio Shack’s new VEX Robotics Design System… this looks like a step-up for those of us that have