Government Jobs

A guy goes to the Post Office to apply for a job. The interviewer asks him, “Are you allergic to anything?” He replies, “Yes, caffeine. I can’t drink coffee.” “Have you ever been in the military service?” “Yes,” he says,

Those Jews…

A direct-to-the-point commentary from Charles Krauthammer…: The world is tired of these troublesome Jews, 6 million — that number again — hard by the Mediterranean, refusing every invitation to national suicide. For which they are relentlessly demonized, ghettoized and constrained

The Latest in Jew Hatred

Dr. Hanson sums it up the hatred for Israel and Jews in an article in the National Review: What explains this preexisting hatred, which ensures denunciation of Israel in the most rabid — or, to use the politically correct parlance,

Lowering the Bar?

It appears that in Dayton, Ohio the local administration could not find enough “minortity applicants” to pass the police and fire department entrance exams.  The solution?   Lower the minimum score… Hmm