Obamanomics Explained

Recently, Obama announced that he is going to work to cut 100 million dollars of spending out of the federal budget… This is a great 1.5 minute video that does a nice job explaining Obamanomics in the context of that

Unions vs Taxpayers

I’m certainly not the only person that predicts that the future “civil war” in our country will be between union member and private sector taxpayers.  An article in City Journal notes the following about the battle in California: How public employees

It’s All About Socialism, Baby

From Harvard Professor of Economics, Greg Mankiw: I have long said that one of the prime motives for healthcare reform had nothing to do with health per se but rather was a desire by those on the left for greater redistribution

Obama’s National Security Strategy

It just keeps getting “better” everyday… Does anyone else feel like we have the enemy of the US ruining — er, I mean running — this nation? According to the vaunted Associated Process, the Barack Husein Obama administration will remove

President Pitches Left

In case you missed it…  MSNBC had their news reporter carry a special feed of Obama throwing out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals baseball game.  If you didn’t know it, he throws the ball left-handed… and his looping