Message to DC Politicians

We are entering a civil war over the soul of our country.  If O’bama succeeds in his nationalization policies, we enter an irreversible path toward mediocrity…  A simple message for Washington: Just Vote No!

There are No Silver Bullets

I would suggest reading this little blurb by the author of the book “Predictably Irrational”.  This article is the quintessential example of what engineers understand, and what politicians do not: There are no “Silver Bullets” — Only challenging Trade-offs. Mayor Bloomberg

A New Sense of Malaise

Great commentary from Victor Davis Hanson: An entire nation is obsessed with the silly Henry Louis Gates affair. A supposedly premier intellectual, who is a professor of African-American grievance, gets into a spat with a cop, purportedly evokes his “mama”

The Cure for Health Care Costs

We haven’t heard much from Arthur Laffer lately, but his comments on the issue with health care costs align very strongly with my views — it focuses on reducing the third-party payer system: The bottom line is that when the