Obamateur Hour

You’ve gotta love the clear insights from Mark Steyn… a few excerpts: It requires a perverse kind of genius for the 44th president not to have waited for a single “event” to throw him off course. Instead, he threw himself

In Memoriam, 63 Years Later

Please read the little cartoon carefully, it’s powerful. Then read the comments at the end. I’m doing my small part by sharing this information. I hope you’ll consider sharing this information with others… It is now more than 60 years

A German’s View of Islam

This is from my German friend, Todd Imwalle.   He considers it to be a great explanation of the Moslem terrorist situation. The author of this message is said to be Dr. Emanuel Tanay, a well known and well respected psychiatrist.  His

Amazing Photographic Technology

A photographer used technology called Gigapan to make a massive 1,400 megapixel photograph (yes, you read the right… over 1.4 billion pixels) of the inaugural audience at the moment O’bama gave his address.  This means that you can zoom in on

CNN Has Really Lost Its Way

I’m sitting in the Huntsville, Alabama airport waiting for my flight back to Dayton, and unfortunately they have CNN playing non-stop (note: I’m typing this post using the free airport Wi Fi).  I actually stopped watching CNN about 8 years ago