Proportionate Response

An article in the Washington Post by Carlos Alberto Montaner addresses the notion of “proportionate response”. 

Israelis are being accused of suffering too few casualties in their confrontation with the Hamas terrorists. Those who reason thus usually speak the words “disproportion” or “asymmetry” in an indignant tone.

Well, believe it or not I don’t want to nuke Gaza or anywhere else in the Middle East.  In fact, I’m actually a supporter of proportionate response.  My solution for is quite simple.  Everytime a mortar or rocket is launched from Gaza into Israel, the Israelis immediately counter-launch a rocket into Gaza in the general vicinity of the source of the Moslem ordnance. 

Oh yea, let’s not forget the important notion of “exchange rates” when swappin rockets.  Since the Palestinians have already helped to develop a human exchange rate when swapping 200 Palestinian prisoners for 2 dead Israelis, it’s clear that everyone in the world understands it’s 1 Jew for 100 Moslems.  I will be stastisfied with a 100:1 ratio for all future proportionate responses.

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