Economic Intervention

This article in the Wall Street Journal from famed econmist Arthur Laffer, sums it up best: “Giving more money to people when they fail and taking more money away from people when they work doesn’t increase work. And the stock market

Economist’s View of Current Crisis

An interesting story in the Wall Street Journal about economist Anna Schwartz. She was Milton Friedman’s coauthor on their classic work, “A Monetary History of the United States”, and she has some interesting comments on the recent financial crisis: Credit

Reasons to Vote Democrat

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The government is best which governs least.” So what happened to the Party of Jefferson, the once-great Democratic Party, the champion of limited government?  An interesting parody from the PatriotPost on reasons to vote with the Democrats: “I

Quotes About History

From History is Elementary, we have 13 interesting quotes about history: 1. Don’t forget your history nor your destiny. – Attributed to Bob Marley 2. History makes people wise. – Attributed to Sir Francis Bacon 3. History is written by

Liberal Jews – Part 5

According to a recent Jerusalem Post article, “US Jews favor Obama 2:1…”  Frankly, I am flabbergasted about the Jewish vote for US President.  O’bama is a man that has spent his life cavorting with enemies of the Jewish people.  His buddy,