Obama a Marxist?

Those are interesting comments from the former mayor of New York…  I know someone that’s been calling Obama the ‘Manchurian Marxist Moslem’ for nearly six years: Trying to explain his controversial comments that President Obama doesn’t love America, Rudy Giuliani said

A Suicidal Nation?

Here is another example of a writer indirectly referring to him as the Manchurian Marxist Moslem: Obama behaves like a dictator not just because he is a narcissist, but because his political beliefs are, at their core, authoritarian. He represents a

What’s the World Hold for Us?

Commentary from Victor Davis Hanson on the future of the United States during/after Obama… All sorts of escapism from the madness is now epidemic. Home-schooling. Gun ownership. A second home in the mountains. A trunk of freeze-dried food. Kids living

Clash of Civilizations

The Obama administration steadfastly refuses to deal with reality…  Whether it is calling Moslem terrorists ‘militants’ or the targeted murder of Jews in Paris as ‘random folks’, the Manchurian Marxist Moslem (who believes that he is the Messiah) believes that his euphemisms

The Land of Israel

An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly and made the world community smile. A representative from Israel began: “Before beginning I want to tell you something about Moses: When he struck the rock

The Upside-Down Standards…

Do others see the irony of these viewpoints… Recent op-eds in the New York Times provide an interesting juxtaposition of dissonant perceptions of heroism and psychological health. Bruce Jenner’s recent announcement that he is undergoing surgical and hormonal treatment to “transition” into a