Five Basketball Games in Eight Days

Well, my wife is now officially a basketball junkie. She has attended five college basketball games over eight consecutive days… (she’s gorgeous, she’s a great basketball fan, and she loves me… what else is there?). We saw two Dayton Flyer

Wright State Beats Butler

In a game reminiscent of those spectacular basketball games during the road to the 2007 NCAA tournament, the Raiders beats the Bulldogs of Butler, 69-64.  The seats were nearly full at the Nutt House, and Missy really enjoyed the atmosphere. 

Soccer Action

This is pretty exciting action for a soccer game…  How many times can you hit the goal post? [youtube][/youtube]

A Full Week of Entertainment

It’s been a fun five days with both sons at home.  We’ve gone to see the Raiders, Flyers, and Gems: Tue – Hockey, Wed-Basketball, Thu-Basketball, Fri-Movie, Sat-Basketball/Hockey (two sports in one day!).  We visited UD Arena, Nutter Center, Hara Arena,

An Ugly Flyers Win

They like to say “a win is a win”, but I’ve seen better basketball at the local rec center in a pick-up game…  I went to the game last night with my buddy, Alan, and we watched the Dayton Flyers eek

Gems Hockey

It was a day filled with sports, but Len and I made it for the second half of the Gems hockey game.  He enjoyed the popcorn, nachos… and the hockey.