The Wisdom of Football Coaches

In honor of the recently completed college football season, a few of the better quotes from the famous coaches of years past: “After you retire, there’s only one big event left… and I ain’t ready for that.” – Bobby Bowden

Israel on the Defensive?

People wonder why Israel is always on the defensive… Occurrences such as these explain it perfectly: At a recent international fencing competition in Austria, two Israeli teens – Dana Stralinkov and Alona Komarov – won the gold and bronze medals

Dayton Hockey

I went to the Dayton Gems game last night with a few of my co-workers… caught this photo of Pilly with the team mascot. It’s unfortunate that the team doesn’t get a greater showing of fans.  If you like hockey, it’s

Bicyclist Killed on My Trail

As a regular bicyclist, this story in the Dayton Daily News gave me more than a moment to pause: The 44-year-old Tipp City woman struck while riding her bike Thursday, Oct. 22, has died… She was struck about 1 p.m.