CNN Has Really Lost Its Way

I’m sitting in the Huntsville, Alabama airport waiting for my flight back to Dayton, and unfortunately they have CNN playing non-stop (note: I’m typing this post using the free airport Wi Fi).  I actually stopped watching CNN about 8 years ago when I grew tired of their monotonous repetition.

I didn’t realize how bad CNN has become.  The CNN “news” has a “moderator” named Rick Sanchez who is so acerbic, it’s making me nauseous.  He is so emotional, it reminds me of a child complaining when his grandmother gives him clothes for a birthday gift.  Perhaps this Rick guy is trying to act like an O’Reilly or Limbaugh… However, his excited barking and use of Twitter comments is so demeaning to those trying to glean some news of the day, that I’m certain that Edward R. Murrow is turning over in his grave.

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