Communism, Islamism, and Obama

The French are getting a taste of Islamism as their Moslem immigrants pursue world domination via the Caliphate.  These open subversions are soon to be experienced in other European countries that have welcomed Moslem immigration with open arms.  At the same time, the Islamists in the United States will be doing their part in helping to support the Islamic outlook on life.

The Manchurian Marxist Moslem (Obama) is achieving his dream of fundamentally changing the world.  His philosophies for mankind — Communism and Islamism —  are strange bedfellows, but he is still working hard behind the scenes as the Biden puppet master to achieve his vision.

At some point in the future, American citizens are going to stop and realize that Obama was a real Manchurian — a seemingly articulate man who cared about people, but in reality he is a man whose only skill is political machinations…  And his focus was all about crushing the American Experience.

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