Conservative Judaism Isn’t Quite So Conservative

Update – Michael Medved writes a good commentary on this subject…  Can you imagine making decisions for the direction of Conservative Judaism based on input from a Professor from Brandeis University (home for Left-wing Jews)?   Medved notes, “disaffected young people are never drawn to watered down versions of religious faith, that lack continuity or integrity”.

I predict that there is going to be a greater exodus of Jews to Chabad, and/or Conservative Judaism will split into Neo-Conservatives (essentially the new Reform) and Traditional Conservatives.

Mar 27 – Conservative Judaism is no longer conservative… By my definition, a synagogue that has a Lesbian rabbi does not qualify as a conservative place of worship… I’m not sure, but does this mean that Conservative Judaism is now controlled by the Democrat party?

I’ve been seeing this coming for quite some time in my home town as the synagogue where I previously prayed for over 35 years started moving towards liberal policies and practices (e.g., playing music in the sanctuary).  My family moved to the Beth Jacob synagogue, which practices a more “traditional” form of Conservative Judaism.

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