Continued Economic Troubles in America

As a small business owner, I frequently have people asking me how my business is doing. I typically reply that we’re holding our own, but I don’t know what the future macroeconomic picture looks like with O’bama at the helm.

It makes it very difficult to be optimistic about business because we just don’t know where the O’bama team is taking our country. What is the direction of our economic system?


I’ve stated numerous times that O’bama and his cronies do not have a clue about the sources of wealth creation. Their view is that businesses automatically make money and they are just spigots waiting to be tapped for funds to be redistributed.

What are the rules for business in this country going to be 3 years from now or even 3 months from today? Are the Democrats going to radically alter fixed costs with energy “tax and trade”?  How much is the new approach to healthcare going to cost us?  If O’bama can arbitrarily change the rules of bankruptcy (re: GM and Chrysler), is anything about business certain?

It’s difficult to get people to invest their money in the future when a Marxist Moslem and a gang of Chicago thugs have plans to radically change the rules and foundation of our economy.

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