The Democrat Agenda

It is important to understand that the basic philosophy and actions of leftist Democrats appear to focus on undermining and mitigating traditional western values.  Of course, it’s essential to judge people not by their words or flowery promises, but by their actions.  So here are some examples of positions exhibited by the leftist Democrat party that are contrary to the US constitution and traditional American values:

  • Lower energy costs — We’ll put an end to that!
  • Freedom of speech — We’ll decide what you’re allowed to say!
  • Secure borders — We’ll allow everyone to enter!
  • Right to bear arms — We’ll decide who can own a gun!
  • A two-parent family — We told you that it takes a village to raise a child!
  • Equal opportunity for all — We only accept equal results!

As you can see, there is a reason that the leftists and the Islamists see eye-to-eye – they have a common objective in the destruction of western culture.  It may sound like hyperbole but the American leftists perceive that the half of the country that does not vote Democrat is their greatest threat for safety and happiness.  They are constantly introducing outrageous and divisive positions reminiscent of the Soviet Union.  This notion of critical race theory is just the latest thematic gobbledygook presented by the left to undermine a cohesive union:

The current democrat party approach of sheer disdain for the more than 150 million co-citizens may be the greatest exhibition of intolerance ever known to mankind.  Here is one pundit’s view:

It’s well known that Abraham Lincoln was all about “preserving the union that is the United States”.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to see how this current situation 160 years later ends well for the USA.

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