Davis Cup Results

Update – I discovered a few interesting articles about the match between Israel and Sweden.  Evidently, there is a large Moslem population in Sweden (can you imagine?) and they decided to “protest” (everyone knows the nature of Moslem protests) the presence of Israelis in Sweden.  One of the Israeli players provided some interesting comments on the Ynet site.   In addition, a Swedish blog provides additional insight by sharing this quote from a Swedish Government Minister, “We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and the Muslims because when we will become the minority they will be so towards us.”

March 8 – Well, I’m happy.  Both the USA and Israel won in the respective Davis Cup tennis matches.  Andy Roddick helped the US beat Switzerland, and the Israeli team had to overcome tremendous adversity to beat Sweden.   Both countries move on to the quarterfinals that take place in July 2009.


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