Dayton Dragons Baseball

I went with my family to the Dayton Dragons baseball game last night, and we really had a nice time.  I’m not much of a baseball fan, but watching minor league baseball from great seats is the way to go.

When my company had season tickets, we used to go to about 10 games per year.  However, this was my first game in more than five years.  Thanks to the tickets provided by my buddy, JP Nauseef, we had seats a couple of rows behind the dugout (I grabbed a quick photo from our seats using my Treo 650).  The Dragons scored 11 runs in the 6th inning in an eventual 20-3 victory against the Midland, Michigan Loons. 


(Yes Bob, we arrived at the bottom of the 1st inning and left at the top of the 7th… with the high scoring, we were already there for almost 3 hours)

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