Deceptive Democrat US Senate Candidate in Ohio


Here is the icing on the cake:

An elected Democratic official in Ohio penned an op-ed Friday calling Democratic senatorial candidate Tim Ryan “a fraud.”   The op-ed, published in the Cincinnati Enquirer, was written by Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes “a proud, lifelong Democrat” who holds elected office in the state.  In the essay, Rhodes accuses Ryan of being a “fraud” and urges all voters – Democrats, Republicans and otherwise – not to vote for him…

“Here’s the truth: Tim Ryan is not who he says he is. He votes in 100% lockstep with Pelosi and Biden in Congress. At every opportunity, he follows the orders of the D.C. establishment. “

This Leftist politician from Northeast Ohio thinks that Ohio voters are schnooks…


October 24, 2022

From the Wall Street Journal, more insights on the Democrat Decepticon:

Mr. Ryan’s strategy is plain… when it comes to actual votes, he hasn’t done much bucking, voting with Mrs. Pelosi—and Mr. Biden—100% of the time… The American people have seen the moderate Democrat act before.

This is the reality of moderate Democrats. In the end, if the party needs their votes, they cave. Mr. Ryan is a reliable yea on the Biden agenda, voting for every bit of the president’s trillions in spending. And he’s promising to vote to kill the filibuster if he makes it to the Senate, hardly a moderate position.


October 10, 2022

As reported in the early comments about the debate:

Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan doubled down on his comments from earlier in the year calling to “kill and confront” MAGA while specifically targeting J.D. Vance in his rhetoric during the debate on Monday night.

Some even made these comments about the debate:

A candidate for the US Senate is demanding people murder those holding differing opinions… Democrats are not even the slightest bit shy or ashamed about calling for violence against the innocent.


October 7, 2022

More from the Decepticon in Northeast Ohio, Mr. Ryan.  He is 100% aligned with the losing Leftist Democrat policies.  Ryan is clearly not the type of person to represent Ohio in the US Senate:

Ryan posted the ad to his Twitter account Friday. In the ad, he attempts to downplay his record of voting in line with President Joe Biden using the fact that he does not always agree with his wife, Andrea. But Ryan has voted 100% of the time with Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on every major policy item….

Aside from his own voting record, Ryan is also trying to hide his progressive views from Ohio voters. Video obtained by The Daily Wire from a meeting with the Cuyahoga Democratic Women’s Caucus showed Ryan promising to keep voting for progressive priorities like abortion, LGBTQ, and transgender issues.


September 30, 2022

The Decepticon, Tim Ryan, continues in his ways.   He used the the “ongoing public health emergency” as an excuse to avoid doing his job, and instead traveled to Hollywood to raise money for his campaign:

“I am unable to physically attend proceedings in the House Chamber due to the ongoing public health emergency, and I hereby grant the authority to cast my vote by proxy to the Honorable Rep. Madeleine Dean (PA-4), who has agreed to serve as my proxy,” Ryan wrote the House Clerk in a letter sent Wednesday.

I thought that Ryan’s mentor, Mr. Biden, said that there is no longer a public health emergency…   Just what Ohio does not need — a US Senator that is a Lying Leftist funded by Hollywood Looneys.


September 16, 2022

It appears that other people are piling on accusing Mr. Ryan of duplicity:

Ryan states. “We have to get the government out of our business … just spending money does not solve problems. We have broken systems, so we have to fix these systems….”

The issue is, Ryan is a Democrat with a considerable and consistent progressive voting record… Ryan maintains a 100% voting record with Biden. Progressive Punch, the online tracker which rates politicians on their progressive bona fides gives Ryan a 96.65% overall “progressive score,” making him one of the country’s most progressive members of Congress...

In 2021, Ryan voted against a motion to condemn calls to “defund,” “disband” or “abolish” the police. And in 2019, Ryan labeled the U.S. criminal justice system “racist” and referred to it as the “new Jim Crow.” But Ryan is hoping Ohio voters don’t look too far into his past.


September 14, 2022

More on Tim Ryan in a recent article in the Daily Caller:

Democratic Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that the U.S. needs to “kill and confront” the “extremist” Republican movement.

It appears that he got the Democrat memo to denigrate half of the nation as extremist and worthy of killing.  Does that sound like a moderate that “reaches across the aisle”?


September 11, 2022

Well, here you go.  These Democrats are called “secret sleepers.

Democrats are running as Republicans in races across America today. It’s the only way they can win in a majority of locations around the country. So they pretend to be Republicans until after they are elected.

Democrats have lost their appeal. Their policies are insane and dangerous. They have resorted to lying and cheating.

Is this the approach that Tim Ryan is taking?


September 8, 2022

Tim Ryan actively votes/promotes policies and positions that are the opposite of what he attempts to project to the Ohio public.  For example, he promotes that he is supportive of the Ohio auto industry and less regulations, yet in 2019, he is recorded as saying that entirely banning gas vehicles in 2040 is not going far enough or fast enough:

“If we’re waiting for 2040 to get rid of gas vehicles, we’re doing something terribly wrong.”


September 5, 2022

There recently have been quite a few articles about Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan and his form of political deception:

Pelosi Democrat Tim Ryan knows he can’t win Ohio by aligning with his mentor Nancy Pelosi and the Biden/Obama gang destroying the government, so he continues to pretend he’s a conservative…

Ryan even stayed away from senile Joe Biden when he came to Ohio.  Ryan pretended that he wasn’t on the same side as Biden.

I hadn’t really been paying attention (I have a basic rule of avoiding speeches by any politician — Democrat or Republican), but I’ve seen this Tim Ryan constantly espouse the common Republican positions.  In his television advertisements and in-person at a conference that I attended, he almost sounds like he is repeating Trump’s positions on the economy, freedom of speech, etc.  However, there is one important fact: his voting position is the polar opposite of what he articulates in his speeches and commercials, and is almost 100% aligned with the hard left Democrats.

He is clearly a crafty politician who is an expert at deception.


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