Democrat Election Strategy

This is an interesting summary description of the strategy behind most of the Democrats running for President:

You name it, and there’s a Democratic candidate out there offering to give it to people if they’d just vote for them. How is that not bribery?

Want free college? Done, just vote for candidate X, Y, or Z.

Want your student loans “forgiven”? You got it, just vote for one of the candidates promising just that.

Sick of paying for rent? Health insurance? Cable? Cell phones? Food? Housing? You can find a Democrat somewhere who’ll swear it’s all yours, and “for free,” if you simply mark their name on your ballot.

Source: It’s Not A Bribe When You Use Other People’s Money

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  1. Ronald Reagan’s words never ring truer!

    The scariest words you will ever hear:

    I am your government and I am here to help you!

    Government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem!

    When will these candidates realize our debt needs to go down!!!

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