Depraved Radical Moslems

For those of us that regularly read the world news, we have long ago concluded that many Moslems are depraved souls.  But yesterday appeared to be a multiple bewitching point with the news filled with examples of these people acting in wanton disregard for humanity:

In the New York Times: “In Gaza, Hamas began to settle scores. Its men killed a senior Fatah commander in the north and dragged his body through the streets…”

In the Washington Post: “At least 13 Sunni Moslem mosques came under attack in Iraq the day after Sunni bombers attacked a revered Shiite shrine for a second time…”

In ABC News website: “Crowds marched behind a somber funeral procession in Lebanon after a powerful car bombing killed a prominent anti-Syrian legislator and nine other people…”

In the New York Post: “A Palestinian woman was on her way to commit a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv – while she was pregnant…”

What further evidence do you need to prove that these people don’t value life?

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