Devastation in Dayton?

It’s now more than a month since the destructive tornado winds passed through Southwest Ohio — and as evidenced by a photo that I took today of a home in the Trotwood area (see below) — there are still many areas that need major reconstruction.


May 29, 2019

It was an interesting weekend in Dayton, Ohio.  Of course, the news organizations certainly blew the events out of proportion:  First it was 9 members of the Indiana KKK in Dayton with the national news forecasting the end-of-the-world; and then it was a major tornado that touched down in my vicinity with the media claiming ‘devastation’…

The challenge with tornadoes is that they are very unpredictable.  Weather radar and cloud formations are not necessarily reliable indicators of potential touchdowns and damage.

You can see a photo below that I snapped on Tuesday morning of a tree hanging over the electrical lines, a common occurrence with windy summer weather.  The second photo is of my old stomping grounds during my ice hockey days, Hara Arena.  It looks like someone has started demolition of the old eyesore.

Fortunately, other than sheltering in the basement Monday night and being without electricity on Tuesday and Wednesday, we’re doing fine.

Of course, I had to fire-up our 5KW gasoline-powered electrical generator to keep the refrigerator/freezer running (as well as provide some lighting and recharging capability).

The image below shows the paths of the multiple tornadoes (purple lines) as well as the areas of major damage (yellow triangles) .   Since these ran near both my home and my businesses, we were pretty lucky to come out fairly unscathed.


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