Diversity, Ecology, and Lack of Business Focus

In the near future, when people examine the history of capitalism, they will look back at the early turn of the 21st century with humor when the read that companies used to pay people with titles such as “Director of Diversity” or “Manager of Eco-Green“.  For most businesses, a diverse work force and a wonderful ecology are not the end objectives.  While they may be important considerations and reasonable constraints, these issues are not the foundation for generating revenue.

Last year, I told my office admin to stop purchasing bottled water because it didn’t make any sense for us to be paying $0.75 per bottle for Dasani tap water… I happened to be skimming an article in the Christian Science Monitor about bottled water when I came across this quote: “…being green in 2008 is not a political issue but a moral one.”  If that’s the criterion, consider me amoral.

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