Do Democrats Conspire Against Citizens?

The paranoid citizens among us like to talk frequently about backroom conspiracies.  A half-century ago, the logistics for organizing a conspiracy were much more complicated than today.  With the advent of the Internet, remote meetings, and list servers (not to mention social media), it’s now easier than ever to get a like-minded groups together to convey and broadcast a common message.

For example, back in 2010 there were over 400 left-leaning journalists that all subscribed to a list server to ensure that they were sharing the common Leftist messages that they wanted to communicate in their “news” articles. In another case, there was the list server to collaborate on messages for global warming that was shared among the left-leaning opinion-shapers.

In the latest event, we have the Democrats that brought Attorney General Bill Barr to testify before Congress.   As you can see from the video mashup below, it’s very evident that the Democrat participants got together ahead of time to arrive at a strategy of not actually asking for Mr. Barr to answer the questions.  Instead, each of these politicians employed the approach of interrupting the Attorney General with the statement “Reclaiming My Time”.

That is, the Democrats got together ahead of time and decided (colluded, conspired, concluded) that they didn’t have a very strong position, so they went the route of each Democrat not allowing the cabinet member to answer the questions.

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