Do You Trust the Palestinians?

From Strategy Page

Hamas and Fatah have agreed to each hold elections next year, but Hamas is expected to manage its elections so that it cannot lose. This is how Islamic radical groups deal with democracy; one election followed by permanent religious dictatorship (at least until the next revolution). Arab-language Palestinian media describe the kinder and gentler Hamas as an attempt to get more cash and diplomatic support from Europe, and get Hamas free of sanctions for being tagged an international terrorist organization. This would enable Hamas to bring in larger rockets, allowing all of Israel to be hit. This is part of a strategy that considers a peace deal with Israel (to establish an independent Palestinian state) is but one stage in the eventual destruction of Israel. Non-violence is looked down on among Palestinian. It’s taken for granted that much violence will eventually be needed to destroy Israel. Conning Europeans into helping to weaken Israel is part of the plan. All this is regularly discussed in Arab language media, which the Palestinian’s Western supporters simply ignore.

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