Does the Government Own Your Children?


Michael Reagan writes in “It Really Can Happen Here“, about the Soviet nations that considered children to be the property of the government:

…my friends Karl and Sandy in 1984 after they escaped with their 1-year-old child…  the communist government in Czechoslovakia put Karl and Sandy on trial for stealing state property – their child.

Karl and Sandy were found guilty of stealing government property and given sentences of 25 and 20 years…

This is what scares me. The government of California – like other state governments – is undermining the control of parents and essentially saying their children belong to the state and it knows what’s best for them, not the parents.


August 31, 2023

A great commentary from Chris Bray about the intentional mis-directions of the woke leftists, reflected by their unstated positions/intentions:

Children should hide what they learn from their families. Campuses are private. We should draw a veil over education, and mothers and fathers shouldn’t be allowed to pierce that veil with their evil prying eyes. Sex is a topic for school officials and children to discuss in deeply candid and explicit ways, and their private sex talk should be hidden from the people who merely give birth to children and raise them in their homes. School is intimate; family is distant. Parents are secondary in the lives of children. Campus officials have the highest authority over children, and the greatest intimacy with them. Children belong to them first. Government is good. Families are bad.


August 30, 2023

California has more than its share of loony politicians…  The California attorney general is launching an assault on parents and families with a new lawsuit asserting state control over children.

The attorney general’s press release went on to disparage concerned parents and school board members as passing the measure with “animosity, discrimination, and prejudice” toward trans-identified students, “as evidenced by statements made during the Board’s hearing….

Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill to “offer refuge” for out-of-state minors seeking trans medical interventions in California without parental consent. The new law also mandates that doctors hide children’s medical information related to “gender identity” from their parents.


August 25, 2023

Here is a recent article where the State of New Jersey is pursuing legal action against schools to halt parental notification about gender dysphoria:

In New Jersey, the battle over secret social transitioning in schools took a sinister turn last week when a judge temporarily blocked three school districts from notifying parents about their children’s gender struggles….  the State of New Jersey has sued three of its own school districts for adopting policies that uphold parents’ rights to be notified when their children show signs of gender confusion.

What could possibly be the reason that States such as New Jersey, California, and Illinois have for minor children (as young as 5 years old) being controlled by Government institutions instead of their parents?

I am doubtful that this conflict turns out well.  It’s another step toward further division in our country.


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