Educational Success – from Parents or Administrators?

An interesting perspective in the article, The Best Teacher Evaluation “Plan” is a Free Market in Education.

Parents should have the final say on the competency of those who educate their children. More broadly, parents should have the freedom to direct the course of their own children’s entire education, with their own money, according to their own judgment—and not just as a practical necessity and parental responsibility, but as a moral right. This will not happen as long as government maintains its domination over America’s schools.

My position is the ‘customer’ of the teacher is the student and his/her parents…  All this emphasis about evaluating teachers is a result of the leftist agenda that the government and the schools need more money to hire more administrators. In the meantime, since they don’t believe in traditional families and values, they refuse to recognize the most fundamental aspect that leads to educational success – parents that care about their child’s education.

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