Enough Double-Speak

Do you ever grow tired of Moslem double-speak?  Does their inane ability to twist common sense and human ethics into an “MC Escher painting” ever make you wonder what goes on in the skulls of those people?  Would you negotiate anything with another party that declares you do not have a right to exist?  It’s similar to a scenario of having a a devout Catholic discussing God with an Atheist — very little common ground and highly unlikely to lead to any solution.

The problem is that we Westerners have all be raised under the principles of the “Golden Rule” or the ethics of reciprocity.  We believe that all people on this planet believe in those tenants, and we believe that people are basically good.  Unfortunately, this is not reality.  Moslems in particular believe that the ends justify the means.  This is manifested in their concept of Hunda, where you essentially call for a truce until such time that you can slay the opponent who is basking in peace (how would you like to negotiate a nuclear freeze with a party that possesses those type of ethics?).

To the Moslems of the world, the Jews in Israel represent the cancer of Western civilization.  Israel is a mini-United States in their midst.  It is 6 million Jews smack dab in the middle of 600 million Moslems.  These Jews greatly out-perform these pea-brained, tent-dwelling folks in every respect — business, military, family, health, etc… And there is no stronger human emotion that breeds contempt than jealousy.

The UN is unhappy that the Jews will no longer willingly walk to the gas chambers… When the results of a recent poll announced that Israel was the most disliked country in Europe and the Mideast, I thought to myself, “this is good news”.  We no longer have to worry about trying to win a popularity contest.   

It’s rapidly coming to the point where survival (of Israel and Western civilization) is going to require an effort that convinces radical Moslems that they have lost the war.  The political trends are starting to pave the way to an essential solution.

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