Equality Everywhere… Including Tennis?

When I encountered this headline at USA Today I determined that Obama indeed has changed our culture : “Occupy tennis? Income inequality grows on ATP Tour”. The author notes:

…income inequality in men’s tennis that’s not unlike the wealth disparity shaping political discourse across the country… the wealth disparity between players ranked in the top 100 has never been greater.

I didn’t realize that all of the players were supposed to make the same amount of money (sarcasm).  I thought their incomes were relatively proportional to their winnings and popularity.

The fact that a daily newspaper publishes an article with this sort of focus illustrates how the mediocrity-oriented-culture inculcated by the Obama administration is becoming a common part of our thoughts.   The discussions are not about getting better, becoming more competitive, etc.  It’s always about redistributing the pie for ‘fairness’.

Perhaps in the interest of ‘equality’, Roger Federer should start spotting his opponents a point each game…

We’re living in a world slowly turning upside-down.

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