Ethnic Cleansing… of Infidels?

Another great editorial from Victor Davis Hanson..

The Tsarnaev brothers killed and maimed in service to their version of Islam. So did Major Hassan, screaming Allahu Akbar as he shot his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood. The Middle East is undergoing the greatest religious cleansing of Christians of the modern age. This month, eighty Christians were blown up in a church in Peshawar, Pakistan — charged, tried, and executed in a nanno-second by Muslim suicide bombers.  At about the very same time, gunmen of the Islamist terrorist group Al Shabaab from Somalia, murdered nearly 70 shoppers — after torturing and mutilating many of their victims — in a Nairobi shopping mall during a children’s event. None of these massacres had anything to do with the West Bank, Americans in Iraq, maltreatment of Muslims in the U.S., unkind immigration policies, undue attention shown Muslim travelers, or much of anything other than the usual grievances such as fighting back against terrorists.

via Works and Days » Overseas Contingency Operations and Such.

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  1. I think there are a few things working here. It all goes back to pleasure and pain. Most US Christian/Catholics are not real active or devout. Their lives are pretty good. It takes a little more effort than they are really willing to spend in this PC world to give a Sh$t. The day is coming when it will strike home and then it will be to late. Our main stream press is fueling the fire and we are headed on a collision course. The people who vote for a living just want free stuff and the people who work for a living are rapidly being passed. I fear that unless there is a major terrorist act we will silently slip into coma.

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