European Sophistry

The Europeans never cease to amaze you with their inability to recognize simple facts (I won’t bore you with the Neville Chamberlain analogy)… A recent article in the Economist notes that “there will be no peace in Palestine until the problem of Jerusalem is solved.  Together with the fate of the Palestinian refuges of 1948, it is rightly called the heart of conflict.”

Perhaps I’m slow on the uptake of facts… but haven’t the intentions of the Moslem world become more obvious?  Isn’t it crystal clear with the Hamas folks shepherding the wayward Palestinians with the vision that “By God, we will not leave one Jew in Palestine.”  Or the crazy Iranian President Ahmadinejad who called Israel a “permanent threat to the Middle East that will soon be liberated”.

Do the Europeans really feel that dividing Jerusalem would change this outlook?  Is this sophistry a genetic defect in Europeans?

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